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Sunday, 14 December 2014

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City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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C#.NET Course Content
Intro/Overview of .Net
•Introduction to the .NET
•Platform for the future
•Drawbacks of current trend
•.Net Framework - BCL & CLR
•Key design goals
•Common Language Specifications(CLS
•Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL) & other tools
•Multiple language interaction & support
•Moving from project to Assemblies...
•Secuirity in .net - CAS
Developing Console Application
•Entry point method - Main
•Command Line Parameters
•Compiling and Building Projects
Net Framework(Adavanced
•Features of .NET
•Details of Assemblies
•GAC, Strong Names
•Language Interop
Visual C# .Net languages
•Advantage & Disadvantages
•WHy C#/Why not C
•Where does C# Fit in
•C, C++ to Visual C
•Features of C
•.NET Namesspaces
Net Installation/C# .Net
•.NET Versions - 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5 Beta
•Visual Studio.NET 2003/2005/Orcas/2008
•Windows Vista - New Look
•Side Bars/Gadgets/UAC- relation with .NET
•HArdware/Software Requirements
•FAQ's with detailed answer
Programming Using in visual C# .Net
•The Start of the Application
•C#.Net program design
•Variables & types
•Value types and reference types(CTS
•String and arrays
•The Console class
•String formatting
•Statements and flows
•Programming structures
•VS.NET to create C#.NET apps
•C# 3.0/3.5 features - Implicit types, Extention Methods and more
Introduction to Windows Form - I
•Windows Form Library - WinForms
•Layout Enhancements
•Forms and Controls - Hierarchy
•Creating Simple GUI by Hand(CTS
•Event Handling
•Basic Contrlos
•Windows forms - buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, panels, group boxes, list boxes, picture boxes...
Windows Form - II
•Built-in dialog boxes and printing
•Extender Controls
•ToolStrips, Status Strips and progree bars
•A new MDI forms strategy
•Inheritance with forms
•New Controls - Web Browser, Property Grid etc..
Object Oriented Concepts(Basic
•Classes & Objects
•Abstract & Override methods
•Creating and using your own classes
•Data members and member methods
•Instantiate an object
•This keyword
•Properties - Readonly/Writeonly...
•Build process using windows class library
•Generate classes for other clients
•How to use classes as part of project
Object Oriented Concepts(Advanced
•Accessibility levels, Specifiers
•Method overloading
•Class(static) variables & methods
•Object Destruction
•'ref' and 'out' parameters
•Constant values
•Inheritance and polymorphism
•The root of all classes
•creating derived classes
•Method overriding and hiding
•Plymorphism and virtual functions
•Casting objects
•Absract & sealed & Static classes
Object Oriented Concepts(implementation oriented
•Case studies
•Class Diagram in VS.NET
•Refactoring & Others
Error Handling
•Unstructed error handling support
•Structured error handling
•Error categories
•Debugging the application
•Debug and Trace classes
•Code Optimization
•Testing and Strategies
ADO.Net Linq
•History and Background
•From DAO to ADO.NET
•ADO.NET design goals
•The ADO.NET architecture and its components
•ADO.NET in realtion to the other .NET tools
•Dataset in RealTime Scenarious
ADO.NET Components
•Connected and disconnected environment
•ADO.NET object model
•Data Sources, Providers and connections
•Commands and data readers
•Datasets and data adaptors
•Data tables, rows and columns
•Constraints and relations
•Data-centric application - New ADO.NET Hierarchy
Data Sources and .Net Data Providers
•Connecting to a data source
•SQL Server .NET data provider
•OLE-DB .NET data providers
•Connection and Connection Strings
•SQL-Server integrated security
•Connection pooling
•ADO.NET Exceptions
Accessing Data in the Connected Environment
•Creating and executing commands
•Reading data using a data reader
•Batch queries & single result queries
•Parameterised queries (Input & Output parameters
•Adding, Editing and Deleting data
•Stored procedures
Accessing Data in the Disconnected Environment
•Why using a disconnected environment?
•Dataset and Data Adapter features
•Filling data sets using data adapters
•Read data using data tables, rows and columns
•Batch queries and data sets
•Visual Studio Data Menu and tools
•Dataset Navigation
•Dataset Functionality
•Dataset Optimistic Concurrency
Sorting, Searching and Filtering
•Searching datasets
•Find on primary keys
•Searching on any column
•Searching on row state
•Wildcard Seraches
•Sorting and filtering using data views
•Searching in a data view
Live case Study and implementation of ADO.NET in N-Tier
•Client Server Basics
•N-Tier - Classical and new
•N-Tier importance w.r.t other .Net technologies
•Build User Interface Layer - importance
•Business Layer in N-Tier - advantages and Disadvantages
•Data Access Layer - Generic/Specific Advantages
•N-Tier DataBase Application
•SQLHelper, CodeSmith etc tools awareness
•XML Basics - Importance in today world
•XML designers/support in VS.NET
•XML Derived Technologies - XSD, XSL, SOAP, WSDL
XML in .Net
•SYSTEM.XML Namespace
•Stream Model XML
•XmlTextReader, TextWriter
•XmlTextReader, TextWriter, xmlDocument/XmlDataDocument Classes
•DOM Objects-XMLNode/XMLNodeList
•XPATH-Query Language for XML
•DOM - Navigation & Access Case studies
Creating Custom Windows Controls
•About user - defined controls
•Understanding the controls class with Container
•Add Properties/Methods/Events to control
•Pack & use control in other windows application
•Create & Implement a windows control
Windows Services
•Understanding services
•Creating wiindows services
•Setting properties
•Compile, run & install services
•Event log services
Net Remoting
•About Distributed Applications
•COM/DCOM in Distributed Environment
•Drawbacks of DCOM
•.NET Remoting-New distributed Environment
•Advantages & DisAdvantages
•Remoting - Web Services comparisons
•Programming Model - Object Styles & Lifestyles
•Case Study - Implementation using Remoting
Crystal Reports
•Reporting Need in the application
•Crystal reports- Reporting tool
•Different Versions of Crystal Reports
•Developing a Crystal Reports
•Different ways to invoke/Deploy Crystal Reports
Application Deployment
•Packaging code
•ClickOnce Deployement
•Configuring the .net framework
•Deploying the application in web server
•Deployment- other methods