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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Metallab Microstructure Analysis services are General Structure Study Analysis, Photographic Analysis, Case Depth Analysis, Decarburization Analysis, Micro Hardness Analysis, Coating/Plating Analysis, Percentage Grain Growth Analysis, Inclusion Rating Analysis, Particle Size Analysis, Volume Percentage Analysis, Porosity Analysis, Macro Examination Analysis, Hydro Pressure Test, Grain Size Measurement Analysis, Inclusion Rating Analysis, Graphite Type in Grey Iron Analysis, Weld Depth Penetration with Photo Analysis.
Metallab PMI Testing services are Positive Material Identification, Positive Material Identification Service, Portable Optical Emission Spectrometer, Portable X-Ray Florescence (XRF) Spectrometers, Rapidly Verify Alloys in Seconds, Recover Lost Material Traceability, Isolate Finished Welds to Validate Filler Material.
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Metallab Rubber Testing services are Tensile Strength & Elongation Testing, Material Identification Testing, A Durometer Testing, Tear Strength Testing, Adhesion Testing, Metal Rubber Bonding Strength Testing, Hot Air Oven Ageing Test, Compression Set Test, Low Temperature Test, Ash Content Testing, Density & Polymer Identification, Acetone Extract Test.
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Metallab Paint Testing services are Viscosity Testing, Hardness Pencil Testing, Adhesion Test, Pressure Test, Volume Solids Testing, Wt/ Liter Testing, Density Testing, Coverage Testing, Scratch Hardness Testing, Gloss Testing.