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Saturday, 6 April 2013

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Neocate LCP has been specifically formulated for the dietary management of infants who have restricted diets due to milk allergy and/or multiple food allergies. The proteins have been replaced with amino acids with the addition of long chain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which have been demonstrated to assist with healthy brain and eye development and may not be available in a restricted diet.

Neocate and Neocate LCP are the only hypoallergenic, nutritionally complete infant formulas manufactured in a 100% protein-free environment which means a guarantee in product safety without the fear of milk contamination.

Through extensive research, clinical studies and ongoing cooperation with healthcare professionals from around the globe, the Neocate family remains the number 1 chosen formula for infants and children with cow’s milk allergy.

Neocate is different to other infant formulas in appearance and taste. Why?

If you are familiar with standard infant formulas you may notice that Neocate looks, tastes and smells different. This is quite normal for Neocate. The amino acids in Neocate give it these different qualities. Adult taste preferences are different to those of an infant. Neocate will probably taste different then any other food or drink you have consumed but this does not mean your child will dislike or refuse it. Neocate has been designed for maximum taste acceptability for your baby. Young children however can sometimes be resistant to any new taste sensations and so it may take a few attempts to establish your child on Neocate. Neocate may appear paler than a typical formula but, again, this is normal. Do not be tempted to add more Neocate powder to give the formula a deeper color. Neocate must only be made up in accordance with the instructions on the can or given to you by your child’s doctor and/or dietitian.

How long will it take before I see a change in my child’s symptoms?

Symptoms may start improving after 3-5 days of taking Neocate although many children take longer to see improvements. Most children tend to improve within two weeks. If your child has not improved within two weeks do not change your child’s formula without consulting with your child’s doctor and/or dietitian first. Your child is probably taking Neocate because other infant formulas failed or because Neocate was considered the most appropriate formula for your child’s symptoms. Changing your child to another formula may possibly make their symptoms worse.

My child has been on Neocate for quite some time. Are they getting enough nutrition?

Neocate is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of an infant or young child. If you are concerned that the child is not gaining weight or growing well, you will need to consult with your doctor and/or dietitian. They will review the nutritional requirements of the child, depending on their age and medical condition, assess the nutrition being received from solid foods and then make changes if necessary.

My child has been on Neocate for a while now and has started refusing it. Can you advise why this would be? Are there any suggestions for encouraging him to take his formula?

Formula refusal can be distressing for both you and your child. This is a common problem but help is at hand! Try to remain calm. Feeding your baby is best achieved in a relaxed atmosphere.
Food refusal can occur for many reasons. It may be something as simple as your child showing independence. Your child’s dietitian can provide you with many useful hints on how to get your baby to take enough Neocate. Some suggestions are as follows. Try to feed your child in a relaxed atmosphere with the minimum of distractions.

If your child is receiving solids in addition to Neocate, try feeding your child Neocate before the solid foods of a meal for a few days. Once your baby is re-established on Neocate and taking sufficient amounts, change back to giving solids first. If your child is over six months of age and already receiving solids, giving Neocate mixed in with solid foods can sometimes help improve acceptability of Neocate formula. If your child is taking Neocate this way it may be possible to give less Neocate direct from the bottle. Care should be taken to ensure your child always receives an adequate fluid intake. Even if you are struggling to get your child to consume enough feed, do not dilute or concentrate the feed to a concentration other than that recommended by your child’s doctor and/or dietitian. Over-concentration can lead to dehydration and under-concentration can lead to your child receiving insufficient nourishment. Contact your child’s doctor or dietitian for further advice or reassurance.

Your child is taking Neocate because other formulas have failed to treat his/her symptoms or because your child’s medical team felt that Neocate was the most suitable feed for your child’s condition. For these reasons it is vital that you do not change your child’s formula from Neocate to another formula without first discussing it with your child’s doctor and/or dietitian.

Where appropriate, serve the Neocate formula chilled and in a covered cup with a straw or in a drink bottle. Buy a cup that is “special” for Neocate drinks. Treat the Neocate formula as very important. In the older child give the supplement a special name e.g. “special drink” or “Astronaut drink”. Where appropriate try adding Neocate powder to the child’s food so that the amount given as formula can be reduced.

My child’s bowel movements have changed since beginning Neocate. Is this normal?

Yes this is perfectly normal! One of the most common concerns of parents with children on Neocate is the change that occurs in their baby’s bowel motions. If your child is on Neocate and little or no other food, it is perfectly normal and harmless for their stools to turn khaki or green, sometimes a very dark green that is close in color to black. The reason for this is that Neocate is a very simple form of nutrition. It tends to get absorbed by the body high up in the gut meaning that very little of its nutrients pass into the large intestine. The large intestine is home to millions of bacteria that perform a number of functions including the breakdown of bile (a green substance) which your body naturally produces. These bacteria get less nutrition while your child is on Neocate and their numbers fall, so reducing the breakdown of bile. This means that more bile is present in your child’s stool giving them a green color. This process is a natural effect of taking Neocate and does not effect your baby.

My baby’s appetite has increased since starting Neocate. Is this normal?

Your appetite can be impaired when you are generally not feeling well and/or have gut inflammation. It may be that Neocate is the first formula your child has taken which does not cause discomfort and distress. As Neocate resolves these symptoms, a child’s mood and health should improve, which may help to improve appetite. Neocate has also been shown to promote catch-up growth in children with food allergies. As children grow, energy demands increase, as well as their need for formula intake.

The doctor has prescribed my baby Neocate. He/she is currently breast-fed. How do I introduce Neocate?

Although breast-feeding is the best for babies, in rare cases a baby is unable to tolerate breast milk. In such cases, a maternal exclusion diet is recommended. Such diets should be conducted under the supervision of a dietitian and/or doctor. If a maternal exclusion diet proves ineffective, a formula such as Neocate may need to be considered.

If your baby is fully breast-fed, it may take a little extra perseverance to get baby to take Neocate when it is prescribed.

It may be helpful to:

Check with your doctor if Neocate is in addition to, or to replace breast-feeds.
Get someone other than the breastfeeding mother to give baby Neocate for the first few feeds.
If the baby is also taking solid foods, perhaps only give solid foods after the formula has been taken.
Make sure the mother expresses her breasts when they feel full for a few days until the supply of breast milk decreases then ceases. Also check for breast lumps and bumps, then massage them away to avoid developing mastitis.
A “supply line” to give the Neocate together with a breast feed can be helpful. Ask your doctor and/or dietitian if this is suitable. Nursing mothers or a lactation consultant will be able to give advice on using the supply line.
Cup feed your baby the Neocate. Discuss with your dietitian a suitable type of feeding cup e.g. sippy cup.