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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

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Cnrherbs is an exclusive Skin Treatment Centre located at kodambakkam in district of chennai. Dr. C. N. Rajadurai setup "Cnrherbs" in 1994 after much compulsion from patients and No side effects are seen with our herbal treatment and it offers complete cure for Psoriasis.
Treatment of Psoriasis
CnrHerbs chennai, brings skin treatments closer to home, giving our skin care and expertise across the world. Following an initial consultation over phone or by mail, you can start treatment at our clinic. Our doctor will customise a treatment programme, evaluating your state of health, your body-type and specific skin disease you suffer.
What is Psoriasis ?
Psoriasis (sore-EYE-ah-sis) is a medical condition that occurs if skin cells reproduce too quickly. Instead of the accepted 28 days or so, the cells replicate within days due to faulty signals in the allowed system. The physique does not afford these balance skin cells, so the cells accumulation up on the apparent of the skin and lesions form.
Plaque Psoriasis
Chronic stationary psoriasis, Plaque-like psoriasis. Plaque crawling (psoriasis vulgaris) is the most common form of psoriasis. It affects 80 to 90% of humans with psoriasis. Plaque crawling about appears as aloft areas of affronted derma covered with ablaze white scaly skin. These areas are alleged plaques.
Erythrodermic Psoriasis
Erythrodermic psoriasis (also called exfoliative psoriasis). Erythrodermic psoriasis can cause the skin to look like it is badly burned.In Erythrodermic crawling a lot of (or all) of the derma on the physique turns ablaze red, physique cannot advance its accustomed temperature of 98.6° F. Person gets actual hot or actual cold. Heart beats too fast. Patient aswell suffers acute agog and pain.
Psoriatic Arthritis
Psoriatic arthritis is a painful disease of the joints and affiliation tissue affecting 10-30% of patients with psoriasis, and it mainly affects fingers, toes, wrists, achievement and back. Psoriatic can aswell could cause aftereffect in accident to cartilage and synovial membranes, arresting disability, and added mortality.
Pustular Psoriasis
Pustular Psoriasis is characterized by pus-filled bumps that usually appear on the hand or foot. In Pustular psoriasis skin becomes red, swollen with pus-filled bumps. Bumps usually appear only on the palms and soles. Victim feels wsoreness and pain where the bumps appear. Pus-filled bumps will dry, and leave behind brown dots and/or scale on the skin.